What you need to know about fins ?

August 1, 2021

It’s not easy to get more speed and control with your gear, it’s all about practice with your friends

Every type of board, sail and brand is different and getting the most out of your gear is not always easy but with a few tips about the fins
we hope we can help you getting more fun and more speed with your gear :

Handling your fin :

Zulu Fins are handmade fins that are made with layers of carbon and filled and polished to a point of perfection.
When you get your fin please take care of it, always use the protection cover when installing the fin or when you
have your gear on the beach, pleace don’t place the board on it’s fin… it looks cool but your fin gets scratches and
the fin is the only thing that’s gives you control on the water so be nice for it than it will be nice for you

Spinouts or loss of control :

Spinouts is the most common problem people got with their fins, the problem is how to get control again or to not get a spinout

On getting planing a spinout is most common when people are getting to fast in their foodstraps, when you have not got enough speed
and go to early in the foodstraps you mostly push the fin to hard and the fin gets not the right curve and getting spinouts
What you need to do is getting more speed before getting into your foodstraps and when you want to go upwind please take up speed
upwind will only work with speed, not with getting speed.

At speed spinout is difficult because you lose a sort of control … you still go fast but your board is sliding sideways and if you take te pressure of
your board by getting is a bit downwind most of the time the spinout is over. if it comes more and more you have to change the fin for a smaller or a bigger fin.
The size depends on if your fin gets to much lift and is a bit wild (board starts flying time for a smaller fin) or your board stays sticky on the water and feels to slow (it’s a bigger fin needed)

Sanding your fin ?

We get a lot of questions about sanding the fins before go on the water, please dont’s or be an expert and know what you are doing but for normal use … DON’T
the guys in South Africa take a lot of care on their fins and for some models they take about zeven hours of curing and finishing the fins and than you take your sandpaper
and make your own creation of sanding and ask afterwards what the failure of control could be … just thrust the guys that give love and expertice in making fins and go surfing.

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