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CM71  — (Cyril Moussilmani F71)

The Zulu CM71 is a machine and Cyril Moussilmani’s fin of choice. It is an elite, world class product with a unique construction that has been tested and perfected for competitive slalom racing.

The Zulu CM71 fin is a highlytuned fin made from the best materials available. Each fin takes 7 days to create and is manufactured with extreme care and accuracy. A unique process of pressure vessel infusion is used to create the most accurate epoxy to fibre ratio.

Specifically designed and developed for top level Slalom racing by one of the most experienced windsurfers in the world.

The Zulu CM71 has in excess of 30 layers of strategicallyplaced composite material in order to achieve the correct bend characteristic. Cyril has made sure that the fin has all the essential ingredients.

1. Speed  Excellent
2. Glide  Excellent
3. Balance  Excellent
4. Control  Excellent
5. Acceleration  Excellent
6. Gybe  Excellent

The story of the Zulu CM71 began during Cyril Moussilmani‘s winter training in Cape Town in January 2019. Since then it has been a 8-month journey that has culminated in the Zulu CM71 fin range which has been developed and personally tested and approved by Cyril. Cyril believes that this fin ithe best he has ever used and at the end of the development process, he decided he wanted to be involved with the Zulu brand going forward with this as his signature fin.

Cyril has the unique ability to articulate exactly what he wants. Before his name could be associated with the fin, he insisted that it deliver a specific feel and balance that only he could recognize. Cyril already has wealth of knowledge and he clearly understands the dynamics and composite requirements needed to achieve our goal of producing the best slalom fin on the market. Once the general layup was in place, it was a matter of fine tuning. This was a lengthy process of elimination. In excess of 70 prototype fins were shipped from Cape town to France from January to September 2019. Each test fin was slightly different from the previous one and through a long, slow process of elimination, we arrived the layup and design of Cyril’s signature fin – the CM71.




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