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Incorporating modern race design and also offering beginners a foil that they will not outgrow. Simple design and efficiency with incredible durability is exactly what we set out to achieve.

We make our masts to order and make a maximum length of 104cm. We recommend a 90/95 cm length for most beginners and a 104cm for the more accomplished riders. If you foil in shallow waters, we can customise the mast to any length.

We use a high quality heat strengthened aluminium, which is deep anodized. The design and  material used makes it one of the stiffest and strongest aluminium foil masts available. We did a number of comparison bend and torsional tests with well-known carbon masts and found our mast matched theirs.

The design of our fuselage is very square and we did this for the purpose of offering the maximum torsional (twist) resistance.  The design and material allow for an exceptionally robust and sturdy foil, which contributes to the incredible control and stability of the ride. The fuselage is deep anodized, so it is very resistant to oxidization and scratches. We offer the Fuselage in two lengths – 115cm and 75cm.

*The Race 115cm fuselage is incredibly stable and minimizes the porpoise effect and offers outstanding control. Fantastic upwind and early foiling characteristics. The best wings for this fuselage are our dihedral shaped 888cm sq. and our 255 cm sq. stabilizer wing. Great foil for 8 to 20 Knots and course racing

*The Speed 75cm fuselage is slightly less stable, yet offers outstanding speed and control. Fantastic downwind and turning characteristics. The best wings for this fuselage are our dihedral shaped 888cm sq. and our 333 cm sq. stabilizer wing. Great foil for 10 to 25 Knots and free racing.

Wings and Stabilizers
100% carbon wings-made to be as rigid and stiff to resist bend and twist. This is the secret behind the incredible stability of our foils. The design of the front wings is slightly dihedral which also offers maximum stability and control. The rear stabilizer and the wings are specifically designed for lift and glide

Deep Tuttle Box
Carbon skin with a reinforced glass fibre deep tuttle box head. The barrel nuts are inserted through the aluminium mast, which makes a really solid connection.

  1. For modern boards a normal deep Tuttle will suffice.
  2. Older boards that are not foil ready, it is suggested you purchase a mast with a load spreader plate. This is a small flange near the base of the deep Tuttle head. (Cannot be removed). Once the deep Tuttle head is inserted into the box the load spreader plate fits snugly against the board and disperses the load of the foil helping to prevent board box breakage.

100cm, 104cm, 60cm, 65cm, 70cm, 75cm, 80cm, 85cm, 90cm, 95cm

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