How It Started

April 30, 2021

Discovered, tested and sold. That’s how it started with Zulu Finnish Europe.
In the search for an affordable product that would bring me further in the fun on the water, I decided to replace all existing fins with 1 brand to get the same feeling for each fin and to be sure that the fin satisfies.

Wanted and found in South Africa, someone with a passion for carbon and technology, someone who, day in day out, try to make the best they can, together with his colleagues, and who together try to make their brand a success.

That appealed to me, and when I received the fins and tested the first day I was convinced, here we have something affordable and great.

Zulu Finnish was born from a hobby and love for the sport and you can see that in every fin that is delivered, if a fin does not meet Robby’s quality requirements, it does not reach the end user but goes into the trash.

Robbie had been looking for a distributor in Europe for some time and who could jointly with him to make the brand known and explain where the passion of the brand lies.
This is how Zulu Finnish Europe was born and together with the dealers in Europe we want every surfer to take that step to the next level and not be held back by the most important piece of material that is under your board and which ensures that you can grab the right fast course. .

Zulu Finnish are distributed through Zulu Finnish Europe to dealers in Europe. For advice on which fin would suit you, your local surf shop is of course the best advisor, and if your surf shop does not yet have Zulu in its package, you can of course contact us for advice.

Zulu Fins Europe & Robbie Bense

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