How Do You Handle Your New Fin?

April 30, 2021

Because a Zulu fin is made by hand, there are a number of things you should pay attention to during the first installation:


  1. Does the fin fit in your fin box without too much force? (a fin should fit tightly in the fin box but not by force)

  2. If the fin is too wide, which sometimes varies per board, you can sand with sandpaper on both sides of the base.Always
    start sanding with a fine sandpaper and on both sides of the base evenly to prevent you from getting more on the
    1st side. Do not sand too much, always sand a little evenly on both sides and fit again.
    if the fin fits to easily in the box you can use ducktape on te small outsides of the base to make it fit firm

  3. If the fin goes in nice and firm, it is important that the fin disappears with the entire base in the fin box. 
    (if you have a tuttlebox vin and a deep tuttlebox vinbox, you can possibly place a filler piece, but usually it just fits in)

  4. When mounting the screws in the fin pay attention, the bushings in the fin are not drilled through so you cannot use longer screws
    that disappear further into the fin. adjust the screws to length in advance and after placing the fin in the fin box, it is not the intention that you retract the fin further into the fin box by means of the screws. also fixed = fixed.
    A lot of damage to fins is because the screws are too long or because the fin that is already tight in the fin box is pulled further with force.The
    bushings in the fin are stronger than the base and so you get cracks in your base.
  5. If you have mounted the fin properly, make sure you always place your board with the fin up, this saves unnecessary scratches on your fin, which in turn could affect the sailing characteristics.

Enjoy your Zulu Custom fin , take good care of it and enjoy control and speed on the water.
Buy good screws to fix your fins, just don’t save on that… a screw costs next to nothing and a fin

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